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Power Window Repair

power window repairs hervey bay maryboroughWindow stuck? Don’t Despair, Call Glass Works for your Power Window repair. Power windows are easily subjected to wearing because of constant use.

For over 25 years our trained technicians have repaired broken or jammed power window systems for cars, vans, 4wd’s and light trucks. Most power windows can be repaired within an hour. Our mobile service will come to your home or office to provide the following services:

  1.  Replace parts for power window motor, regulators, etc.
  2.  Repair mechanical problems within your power windows

Power Windows are controlled by 4 main parts:

  • the window motor
  • the window regulator
  • the bracket or part that holds the glass
  • the control switch

The window regulator is the part that raises and lowers the window glasses. A typical window regulator set up is composed of many components including a worm gear, several spur gears, linkages, a Power window repair replacement mechanical plate and a bar used to support the window glass.

The window glass is raised or lowered by the motor which activates a worm gear/spur gears combination. The rotation of the various gears in turn activates the mechanical plate, raising or lowering the window glasses. The window bar and the linkage arm supports the window glass.

In a power window regulator, a small electric motor integrated with the switching components of the vehicle is responsible for activating the different gears required to lift or to lower the windows.

Hervey Bay Auto Glass stands behind our repairs! Most repairs are accompanied with a one-year part and labour warranty.

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