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“Don’t Let A Stone Chip Become An Expensive Crack!”

stone chip repairs hervey bay maryboroughThe crack in your windscreen which was once a tiny stone chip appears to be getting bigger, but you still have a good view of the road in front so you decide that it doesn’t require repairing yet. But keep in mind that chips and cracks may weaken a windscreen that will obscure a driver’s view of the road. On newer vehicles, windscreens have a key role in the overall structural integrity of a vehicle.

A damaged windscreen may lessen the capability of the windscreen to preserve the vehicle’s occupants in a collision or roll-over accident. Chipped or damaged windscreens may be restored. There exists an Australian Standard for windscreens which specifies the size, type and area of problems which may be restored properly. For instance, if the problem is greater than the dimension stipulated in the Australian Standard, or the damage affects more than the outer level of the windscreen, it can’t be fixed.

A sandblasted windscreen also cannot be fixed. Sandblasting appears as diamond-like sparkles that can reflect the sun or on-coming headlights into your eyes. If you do get a chip or crack in the windscreen, it’s wise to fix it as soon as it first occurs, or it may start to spread. Chips and cracks which remain for too much time may gather dirt and moisture, which makes it more challenging to repair and more noticeable. To repair a windscreen, a vacuum technique is employed to extract air from the damaged spot, which is then injected with an acrylic resin.

When set, the glue possesses an equivalent durability and transparency to the original windscreen. The bigger the size and the bigger the quantity of windscreen repairs you have, the more potential there is for light distortion, impaired vision and driver distractions. Sometimes it’s far better to simply have the windscreen replaced. If you decide on replacement, be sure you see an expert to make certain the windscreen meets the highest safety standards.

Windscreens in newer model vehicles are fixed in place with a urethane adhesive, which provides structural integrity. The correct processes will have to be implemented when replacing a windscreen fitted in this way, or problems are going to happen and vehicle strength is going to be jeopardised. Keep in mind that a badly cracked windscreen can render your car un-roadworthy, especially in the event that the damage impacts the main vision area and interferes with the driver’s vision of the road.

If your windscreen does have some damage, and you’re not sure whether it is roadworthy, call Ian now on 0427 528 554

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